Monday, April 4, 2011

Wine Tasting For Kenya

So 4 of my lovely friends will be going to Africa this June where they will be building a library in an orphanage in Kenya at the Heritage of Faith & Hope Center. Isn't that awesome?

You can follow along with two of their stories here:

                                                                      MELANIE @


(Mary and Katie are also going--but alas, no blog!)

So, I wanted to help. And what do I do best? Host parties and entertain! This weekend we hosted a Wine tasting for Kenya to raise money for Mary and Melanie to get to Kenya.

We had 4 types of wine hidden in little red bags with ribbon, and all you had to do was a) guess the type of each wine, and b) guess which was the most expensive. The entry with the most right answers won this:

The tasting and the party were a hit!! I couldn't be happier with the turnout! We had 30 some people (our house has never been so packed), and we raised a generous amount of money for Mary & Melanie! Thank you to all who came out, it would not have been a success without you!!

For those who participated in the tasting, here are the answers:
Wine #1: Malbec
(we took Cabernet also)
Wine#2: Merlot
Wine#3: Chardonnay
Wine #4: Pinot Grigio

Most Expensive Wine: #2

Congratulations to Anne and Anthony who happily took home the gift basket of goodies!

Who knew wine & Kenya went together so well? I wonder if they make a good, oakey  Chardonnay.....