Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Welcome Nora and a Birth Story

Well this post is over a month late but life with 2 is crazy y'all! March 26th Nora Josephine joined our family and we couldn't be happier. Here is her birth story...

On March 26, 2015 at around midnight, I woke up 3 days before my due date, having to pee just like any 9 month pregnant lady.

I heard Lucy cry from her bedroom that she needed to "go potty" so I walked her to the bathroom to potty. After she went, she insisted she "needed to give daddy one more kiss" so I obliged, carrying her in our bedroom on my very pregnant belly, leaning down over him so she could give him a kiss. At that moment, I felt a small gush and told Jack "I think my water just broke!" He jumped out of bed, ran Lucy to her bedroom to put her back to sleep and ran back in our room. He asked me if I was sure, and to be honest, when your water breaks, you really aren't sure, and I was trying to decide if I had peed myself (pregnant lady problems) and then it happened again, another gush. I insisted this was for sure my water, and I called the doctor while he rounded up our stuff.

I started to have contractions while on the phone with my doctor, as my water kept gushing every 3-5 minutes, so he told me to go ahead and come to the hospital. We waited on my in-laws to come stay with Lucy and off we went. My contractions were much more manageable than they were with Lucy's back labor, and I had a few hours where I thought "I could do this without drugs."  I was 2 cm when they triaged me and by about 5 am I was 4-5 cm. I changed my mind with each contraction about "doing this without drugs" and decided it was epidural time.

My epidural didn't take quite as well as it did with Lucy but it definitely took the top of the pain off! At 11:30 it was time to push, and with just a contraction or 2 and about 4 pushes later she was out! She came into the world screaming; (very different than her sister who came into the world quietly) our hearts were instantly full of love for our newest family member, sweet Nora Josephine.

Lucy loves her little baby doll sister. She loves to help put her diaper on, bring me my nursing pillow, and to help pick out her clothes. She is very good at shhhhing, pushing strollers and showing her baby sister to the world.

I can't wait to see their relationship grow as Nora becomes more interactive! Welcome to our family sweet girl, we are so happy to have you complete our little family of 4.