Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy December!

My favorite month of the whole year has arrived! And with it, a special little Elf from the North Pole.
Santa mailed the Elf to us on December 1st and it was waiting on the front porch for Lucy. 

(Unfortunately the elf who helped to wrap the present was very sick so she didn't do her most-creative present wrapping.)
Lucy opened her gift from Santa, and we read the book all about the Elf who came to visit our house for Christmas. When it was time to pick a name, Lucy wanted to call it "baby" (perhaps because every time we ask her what her new baby sister's name should be, she calls it "baby"), or suggested the name "ummmmmm". We made a group decision to name him Mr. Pickles this year. 

(Next year Mr. Pickles might have a new name. ) #Thatshowweroll.

He has already gotten into a lot of mischief and Lucy's reactions are hilarious. 

"Mommy the Elf make a big mess. Clean that up."

As she's giggling at the sight of Mr. Pickles and "Aunt Barbara" in a marshmallow bubble bath: "I eat all the bubbles--(shoves marshmallows in her mouth by the handful.)

We are loving this new family tradition and are so excited for Mr. Pickles to be here until Christmas!

Do you have an Elf at your house? What sort of mischief does he get himself into?