Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2nd pregnancy

Everyone ask if this pregnancy has been like my first. And since we are having another baby girl, I would think it would be similar.

If pregnancy is any indication, I can already tell these girls are going to be different because my pregnancies have been very different!

I thought it would be fun to compare my 1st and 2nd pregnancies...Lord, I had no idea how good I had it with Lucy!

First trimester
First pregnancy: morning sickness. Feel bad, lay on the couch, take a break. Eat lots and lots of carby foods to feel better.

Second pregnancy: morning sickness. Feel really bad, put on cartoons to try and entertain toddler. Try to eat foods high in protein as toddler steals all of the food, thereby making my nausea worse. Chase toddler around the neighborhood, even though mommy just wants to lay down.


Second Trimester
First pregnancy: morning sickness subsides around 13 weeks, got a big surge of 2nd trimester energy, rested when I needed to and ate all of the food. Felt first baby kicks around 21 weeks (anterior placenta).

Second pregnancy: morning sickness subsides around 18 weeks, waited and waited for "big surge of energy", never came. Napping at Lucy's nap time essential to surviving the afternoon with toddler. Felt first baby kicks around 17 weeks (posterior placenta).

Third Trimester
First pregnancy: Swelling, swelling and more swelling. (It was one of the hottest summer's we've had in NC!) Counting down the days until baby's arrival. Putting the nursery together in a leisurely fashion. Nesting aka sewing all of the baby bibs, burp cloths and other random things for baby.

Second pregnancy: No swelling yet-hallelujia! Still wearing wedding rings at 36 weeks. Counting down the days until sweet baby girl's arrival, but also counting down the days of one-on-one time with our first born and trying to soak all of those moments in. (While navigating tantrums and the "I do-it's.") Nesting aka putting together Lucy's big girl room and the nursery in a non-leisurely fashion during Lucy's nap time and bed time.

Our second pregnancy has flown by! With just a few short weeks until baby girl #2 arrives, we are washing clothes, stocking diapers, and getting the carseat ready all while loving on Lucy in her last few weeks as a one and only. We can't wait to meet you baby girl, but if you take your time we don't mind a bit!