Thursday, May 5, 2011

Banana Ice Cream

So, I have a chemistry experiment for you. Prepare to be wow-ed! Thanks to the fact that I had my tonsils removed, I have been seeking anything cold, creamy and soft to eat this week.  And my lil sis,who has spent many a month as a vegan in her life over at Olive it All, suggested I make my own banana ice cream.


After she promised it was easy, I promised I would consider it. And I did.

Step 1: Freeze un-peeled banana.
Step 2: When banana is frozen, chop up into chunks.
Step 3: Put chunks in food processor.
Step 4: Whirl away until it magically turns into the consistency of ice cream!!
Step 5: Be amazed!
Step 6: Top with anything you'd like--I chose caramel.
Step 7: Eat the delicious, creamy, banana-y goodness.