Friday, September 20, 2013

eleven months

This little lady turned 11 months on us {about a month ago}. Maybe I'm in denial. Maybe I've been busy. Maybe its both. But I seriously put off posting her 11 month stats. Wheredidmybabygo?

Favorite Words: "Bewa" (Bella the cat),  Papa, Mooo, and Puppy
Favorite Food: Yogurt and avocado
Favorite Activity: Running! You are a busy little bee and we can't slow you down! You also love to read books.
Favorite Animal: (other than Bewa) is a Cow. Moooo! You love every animal and giggle with excitement when you see an animal.
Teeth: Six teeth!

We've already seen so much of your personality begin to blossom. You've thrown tempertantrums, love to give snuggles, and love to talk. We call you tiny tornado, because you leave a path of destruction in your wake. I can't believe my sweet little dumpling is almost turning ONE.  


And this is how entertaining it is to try and take cute month-by-month pictures of a busy 11 month old.