Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas 2015 and New Years 2016!

This Christmas was so incredibly fun. Having children at Christmas time is amazing, endlessly exciting, and exhausting all mushed together. 

This was the first year Lucy had specific requests from Santa: a doll that looked like Lucy and a Hippopotamus.  She was also worried she might cry when she met santa, but decided "I'm going to be brave so Nora will be brave, too." We got the sweetest picture of them in his lap. I'm not going to lie, I kind of wanted a screaming baby pic, because, they are hilarious. (But I'll take adorable, too.) 

Nora discovered the Christmas tree. At first she would roll or crawl over to it and just pet it. Which then escalated to attempting to eat all of the Christmas lights she could possibly reach. 

Our attempt at a picture of 5 wiggleworm cousins.

The excitement on Christmas morning was amazing. Lucy woke Christmas Eve at 2am, came into our room with the biggest smile on her face. I hated to burst her bubble and send her back to bed, but 2am was just a LOT bit too early to start that party. 

Come 7am, she was smiling from ear to ear when she saw all the presents under the tree. She quickly decided that all of the toys were for her to play with (Nora's included.) Thank goodness Nora is a good far.

We have a lot of birthdays to celebrate over Christmas!

And some very un-seasonably warm weather that lead to hiking for Jack's birthday. 

On New Year's Eve, we celebrated "Noon Year's Eve" at Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh. We will have to add this to the list every year, it was a great way to involve the kids in the celebration!

We also had a surprise visitor all the way from Colorado. My sweet baby sister Mel (Aunt Mimi). It was the perfect way to start off the new year with laughter and hugs and driving 20 minutes out of our way because we were talking too much. 

Happy 2016! 

Nora: 8 and 9 months

Whew, I am soooo behind on blogging.

Life has been crazytown, y'all. Our sweet "chubby pumpkin" (as Lucy calls her) is now 9 months old!

She has celebrated her first Christmas, and New years (post to come), has 2 bottom teeth and is crawling! She does a sophisticated army crawl, which can become very quick when she sees a person, or thing she wants badly.

 She's also started pulling up to standing, and is a little babbling baby. We hear mama, dada and baba on the repeat, and I swoon at those sounds again! She is attempting some baby sign, but so far it just seems like she is playing with her hands.

With crawling, she has gotten incredibly curious. She started out timid at first, but now, every space is her tunnel, and the Christmas tree lights a new teething toy.  She started crawling the day after Christmas, and we quickly took the tree down (teeth and electricity don't mix well.)

I love to see this little blossom of her personality, and I can't wait to see what the next few months bring, before she turns ONE. (How can this be happening in the next few months!?)

We love you Nora Jo!