Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Put the LIME on the CORN you nut...

And mix them all together... Ok no, don’t mix lime and corn together, but do get excited about this delicious grilled corn recipe! This was a recipe that was made every time we went out on the lake with my in-laws, with a home-made charcoal grill that consisted of charcoals and a grill grate.
But for those of you with a REAL grill at your house, you can make it at home, just the same.
Cast of Ingredients (PW style):

Step 1) Get your fluffy white kitty with razor sharp teeth to husk the corn for you:

Step 2)  After your corn is de-husked (a la kitty) and rinsed, grill corn for about 7-8 minutes until it has pretty grill marks on it. While corn is grilling, mix together 1 part salt, 1 part pepper to 1 part cayenne. (If you like things HOT, you can up the cayenne!)
Step 3) Cut lime in half and dip into cayenne/S&P mixture

Step 4) Rub the lime over the corn while squeezing the lime slightly to release some of its juices.

**Disclaimer: The more cayenne you put, the more Angelina Jolie your lips will look (and feel!)**