Friday, April 15, 2011

Cinch! Day 5

Yep, you heard me, DAY 5, and I still haven’t quit! I think blogging helped to hold myself accountable to my 5 day plan. And the great news, I’m down another 1.0 lb today!!  
**I do have to admit to you that the severe amount of healthy food in my system made my math fuzzy yesterday, and while I thought I was down 4.8 lbs, I did a recalc and realized I was down 4.2 lbs. So, this extra 1.0lb loss brings my REAL total to 5.2 lbs, which I am still ecstatic with!!**
 I will have my day 5 weight tomorrow morning...eee!
Now, on to my confessions for the 5 day, 5 food fast:
Confessions of a Cinch!-a-holic
I thought I hated spinach. Now I just mostly dislike it.
I thought I loved raspberries!! Nope, not when you eat 4 cups a day, 4 times a day.
I still love eggs, in any form.
I thought I hated plain almonds, but they have grown on me.
I thought I could never stick to a strict healthy eating plan. Well, I sure did prove myself wrong.
I feel great, and I LOOK 5 lbs lighter!
I cannot wait to eat pasta, and cheese, but instead of craving creamy, fatty cheesy pasta, I am craving healthier forms like whole wheat pasta and  lowfat feta.
I’m considering buying a scale like this, the next time I go on a diet:
Am I more a pig or a duck?