Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is it really a "Cinch!" ?

So, I'm embarking on a 5 day lose a few pounds! I had my BMI checked the other day as well as cholesterol, and while my cholesterol was stellar (woo hoo thank you mom & dad for the great genes), my BMI was borderline overweight!! Eek!

So, my clothes haven't been a wee bit tight lately, and I'm beginning to get a couple curves on top of my curves, so hearing that my BMI was borderline high was all the motivation I needed to try something new.

So I'm about to go to the beach, and pre-beach I will be embarking on a 5 day 5-food fast forward of the Cinch! Diet by Cynthia Sass who is a Registered Dietican.

Don't worry, I vow NOT to starve myself or do some crazy liquid fast, so here is my alternative (quoting the book:)

"At the end of every meal, I want you to feel full (but not overly full), satisfied, energized, nourished, and ready to move on with your day without continuing to think about eating. I want you to feel like you have the energy to do cartwheels down the street and feel a sense of pride and confidence about your relationship with food, and I want you to have the body you always wanted!

Here's the cast of characters (and the 5-foods for the fast): 

Almonds (or almond butter)
Plain lowfat yogurt
Eggs (not shown bc I put them in the fridge and forgot!)

I can add spices and flavor such as oil, vinegar, citrus juice or zest, Hot peppers, Tea, herbs and spices to any of the meals I make.

I can eat 4 meals a day, as long as I eat breakfast 1 hour after I wake up, and all of the meals within 3-5 hours of each other.

So, Here goes. Let's hope I don't turn into an a) raspberry, b) leaf of spinach, etc. from eating the same thing for 5 days!!