Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cinch! Day 3

Day 3
Well, I’m beginning to think, it really is a “Cinch!” It’s my first day back at work, thanks to tonsillitis, and I had my meals prepared and ready to bring with me to work. It took all of the guesswork out of what I will be having! AND 2 more fabulous things that I have noticed (as this plan encourages you to pay attention to your body and note what it was telling you) :
1:  I get hungry on the plan, but it’s not the shaky, weak, unable to do anything kind of hungry, which I usually experience on a daily basis at work. It makes me wonder what sort of junk all these sweeteners and artificial sweeteners are pumping my body with on a daily basis!
2: I drink way too little water! I have had the 8 cups a day, and I feel refreshed (ignoring the fact that I have to go to the bathroom, oh, about 100 times a day!) But I also noticed that if I’m hungry, a' la book, I should drink a cup of water. Hey, that’s a novel concept. And, it surprisingly works. It staves off the hunger a little bit longer.
Oh-and the best news! I lost another pound yesterday! Weighed myself first thing this am and I am now down a total of 3 lbs. That’ll keep a girl going, even when the thought of another plain raspberry makes my eyes want to cross!  (Ok so I “cheated” and snuck some strawberries in the mix today, bc I just couldn’t take the tartness anymore, but my husband says that’s not really a cheat, and that’s why I love him.)
Today’s Cinch Fast Forward Recipe is The Egg Scramble + Raspberries:
1 egg
1 cup of spinach
EVOO spray
Any seasoning you want (no salt), my favs: Red pepper flakes, parsley, basil, garlic
Then, just scramble away! Serve with 1 cup of raspberries (or if you're a semi-cheater like me, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1/2 cup strawberries) + tangerine juice and cinnamon

I won't say it was my favorite, but I didn't hate it either--it's definitely a nice, balanced breakfast that is very filling!

*Note picture was taken before I made my 1/2 strawberry switch*