Monday, April 18, 2011

Cinch! Final Review

So it really was a Cinch! I completed Day 1-5 and only found myself stumbling on Day 5. It was Friday. And I was at the beach. So you'll just have to forgive me.
All in all, I lost a total of 6 lbs!! (Cheating included). The plan boasts up to 8lbs, so I count myself pretty lucky and figure that those 2 glasses of wine I had on Friday night cancelled out my last 2 pounds. Thanks to Cinch!, this was me, bathing suit-ready, at the beach on Saturday:

You didn’t know I could jump that high, did you!
All in all, I thought the Cinch! Diet was a success. ( A girl can do anything for 5 days! ) And it totally re-shaped my outlook on a few things.
1)      Caffeine. I now know I only need 1 cup a day. I had a migraine during the plan and I took Excedrin Migraine one afternoon (which contains caffeine), and I noticed I got the shaky feeling I used to get before Cinch, and i started to nibble on almonds to try and get the shakiness to go away. So, therefore, my afternoon Cup-o-Joe was essentially doing the same thing to me. Goodbye unnecessary calories and caffeine.
2)      I need to eat more fruit and veggies!! The Cinch! Plan goes on for 30 days and she recommends a cup of fruit or veggies with every meal, including snack. I usually eat about 2 servings of fruit& veggies a day, not 4. I do love fruit and veggies though, so I will be hanging around the produce aisle more frequently now.
3)      I don’t need to graze anymore. This weekend it was great to have all of the food around me and not feel like I needed to munch away with everyone else. I had my 4 meals and was satisfied, not needing to munch—and I even had an in-law-cousin comment that I didn’t eat very much at dinner. (This is a great thing to hear, bc I used to chow down!!) I feel like my portions are now accurate and able to satiate me.
Thank you Cinch! for my flat belly and a new outlook on my eating habits. I will continue to use the recipes in the rest of the plan, which look super tasty and I cannot wait to try them and share!