Monday, April 11, 2011

Cinch Day 1

So far, so good!

I have been slightly hungry today, but the 4 meals are very filling, so it seems like a typical day. I have had my 8 glasses of water, and other than having to pee a lot, feel a little lighter and healthier. The only bad-side about starting Day 1 today is I have my 6th round of Tonsillitis this year, and my throat is very raw. So tart raspberries and balsamic vinegar didn't make the best Chicken Noodle Soup substitute today.

I did learn, however, that it could be a good time to start because Spinach contains 400% of your daily value of Vitamin A requirement, which is required for normal functioning of the immune system. (Spinach, Vitamin A, where have you been all my life??) And one cup of raspberries contains 50% of your daily Vitamin C needs.  Vitamin C, as everyone knows, is a wonderful thing to help with your immune system as well.

Each day, I will post one of the 4 meals in the plan and my SASS (spice) contributions. Today's post will be the Salad (which I ate at dinner):

Let me start off by saying I HATE, hate, HATE stems in my salad. Thus the crazy neurotic 15 minutes I took to de-stem all of my spinach:

Salad ingredients: 
2 cups of fresh spinach (de-stemmed if you're kooky like me)
1 cup of raspberries
2 tablespoons of Almond
1 large hard-boiled egg
Approved seasonings--I chose: Parsley, balsamic, EVOO, basil, red pepper flakes, and garlic

Verdict: I could see how if you were a salad lover, this would be very tasty. I, unfortunately am, not. It was just WAY too tart and I don't know if it was my sicky throat that made me not enjoy it or what.

I think tomorrow, the spinach will be wilted and served with seasonings next to the hard boiled egg, and raspberries. It's just too painful to eat it! But, for all you salad lovers out there, give it a try, the flavors were good and worked well together, so worth a shot by everyone!

WISH ME LUCK! 4 more days to go!