Monday, March 28, 2011

Cue Garfield...

Does anyone remember what Garfield's favorite food is? C'mon other 80's children... think hard! Think!

It also happens to be my favorite too! Melty, cheesy, meaty, and saucy, all stacked up into a delicious little square of love. 

So, combining my two loves in the cooking world: Lasagna, and Pioneer Woman, I decided to try her recipe for "The Best Lasagna. Ever."  

She does something amazing in this recipe--she uses pork AND ground beef. Now, I 've tried lasagna with just Italian sausage, and just hamburger meat. And when these two say their "I do's" and the flavors marry, you will agree with the Pioneer woman. Best. Lasagna. Ever. 

Step 1: Make Lasagna
Step 2: Lie back and rub your belly
Step 3: Do not be afraid to let a Homer Simpson-esq mmmmmmmmm roll out of your mouth.