Monday, October 31, 2011

A few BOO-ti-ful things....

Happy Halloween!

How are you celebrating this goulishly great day?

I have seen an Elvis, a ladybug, Thing 1, and a Thing 2 today. And a mummy. A little fluffy mummy.

I was talking to my mom the other day, and she told me a story.  A story about a shopping trip her and my dad went on recently.

It went like this. They were shopping. {duh} And they walked past the halloween costumes for pets.

And then my dad rolled his eyes dramatically and said, "Who in their right mind dresses up their pets for halloween?" 

And then my mom reminded him that I do. Yes. Me. I do.

Don't be concerned for them on any level. They love every second of it. 

Ask the mummy:

I also went to IKEA this weekend and had a lovely time. And stocked up on mucho ikea stuff-o.

Such as this gorgeous lambswool rug/throw {or a fakeout that resembles one}:

See how it quickly became a luxury dog pillow?

This is why you shouldn't feel bad for them when I dress them up.

Because I may or may not be an enabler. I typically find FatDog doing things like this, tell her how cute she is, take a few pics and then go show them to my husband. 

There is no scolding. There is no making her get off. No "bad dog" or the like. None of it.

Lord help my future maybebaby children.

Or is it Lord help US when we enable our future maybebabies?

I also snagged this Ah-mah-zing iPhone case off etsy recently. It was a splurge but WELL worth it.

On the website it just looks like a pretty design set up against an iphone case. 

So, I literally ordered it and then held my breath for a week and a half until it came in the mail. I was worried that it was going to be a $55 piece of paper that I was supposed to glue to my phone. 


Hello, gorgeous.

As the calendar turns to November tomorrow, I am seriously considering pulling out my Christmas decorations. 


Maybe if I add one decoration a day, my husband {who only likes to celebrate Christmas the week OF Christmas} won't notice. 


Happy Halloween!