Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monogrammed Twine Wrapped Letter

I'd like to start of today by thanking Pinterest for existing. Seriously. WHERE has this website been all of our lives?

I stumbled upon this, and had to make it: 


I couldn't quite figure out how to make the little swirly flowers they used. So I improvised. And noticed that their door is much cleaner than mine. Let's ignore that.

Materials needed: 
Large Monogrammed letter
Spool of Twine
Large Button
Hot glue gun

Wrap twine around letter using hot glue. You can wrap 5 or 6 pieces and then glue to be more efficient. I learned this the hard way by individually gluing each wrapped piece. And then my engineer of a husband questioned my method. And he was right. Don't do it. It will drive you crazy. Stick to every 5-6 pieces. Trust me.

Once letter is wrapped, assemble flower. Here is how I created mine: 

Cut ribbon into 3/4" strips. Use a lighter to burn off thread so it doesn't unravel. There is also some glue you can buy for this.

One at a time, assemble flower by adding a dot of hot glue to bottom of ribbon piece. Let ribbon pieces overlap until a flower shape has been created. 

Hot glue a large button to center of flower, and then hot glue flower to twine letter. 

You can also sew on buttons and beads to get this: 

Hang letter with hot-glued ribbon. 
Overall, I was pretty impressed with how easy it was. But I will not give up on those little swirly flowers. I must make them.