Friday, August 19, 2011

My fabulous DIY project

So I have pondered, complained, scoured craigslist, and stared blankly at the spot above our guest bed that is missing a significant element. A headboard. I wanted something cheap (it IS the guest bedroom), but fabulous.

So I first thought about buying a headboard off craigslist and painting it. That was going to cost about $100. I continued to stare. And ponder. And stare. And then it struck me, I can do this-on the cheap!

I happen to follow this amazing DIY blog called YoungHouseLove that will motivate even the laziest of project do-ers (like myself) to grab a paint brush and a hammer and get to work. I decided I wanted drama, in the form of color for my headboard, and this post gave me the exact inspiration of the color I wanted to add to my life the room.

Click here for the color inspiration

I went with a greener color called "Caribbean Green" and lurved it. (lurve=love for all you non YHL'ers).


hello fat dog.

hello fabulous!!

For $30 it was a complete DIY success! We went to Home Depot, cut the trim according to our likings (for ~$15), and the baby quart of Caribbean Green paint was another $15. We simply taped of the measured section to paint and then cut the trim accordingly. Home Depot even has these amazing sawing stations too, to make life easier, seen here:
*Of course, it helps to have a super-hunky husband to help with all the cutting and hammering man-jobs.*

So unfortunately while I was waiting for the paint to dry I got the itch. And then this started to happen in our kitchen. Which then morphed into painting the trim and painting the rest of the walls....oh my!

Chalkboard wall!

More on this later...when the kitchen turns right-side-up again!