Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ten on ten:april.

Linking up with A Bit of Sunshine today to give you a glimpse into 10 blessings throughout my day. God is good.

And you may or may not get some funky shots today since it was a workday. I tried to make it interesting folks.

Iced coffee season is back. Life is good.
Driving around the town of Wake Forest. And this crazy fountain always catches my eye.

I actually started my bible study on time this week. #thankfulforfocus

A little retail pit stop at TJ Maxx. They were all much cuter on the hanger. But I love the colors!

Throwing dinner in the crockpot: chicken verde tacos.

This is how I spend a lot of my day at work when I'm not in the car. Standing in hallways...

Or sitting in waiting rooms.. I'm in love with my dotted capris. Can you tell yet?

Picked up this sweet dumpling from daycare. She was fast asleep when I got there, face down on her little hands. See the finger prints in her forehead? Sweet, sweet babyface.

Parktime with this beautiful pregnant friend and her little guy. 

Having a tupperware party while putting dinner together. 

snuggles and bottle warming before bed. Bliss.