Tuesday, April 30, 2013

7 months and favorites

Happy 7 months my sweet baby!

You are growing before my eyes. Crawling, pulling yourself into standing and squealing with delight.

It's so amazing to watch you discover the world and get excited over things like measuring cups and the crinkle of a wipes bag that we overlook every day!

Here are the 7-month Lucy-approved items we couldn't have lived without:

1. Kitchenaid Measuring cups. Seriously her favorite toy of all. She whacks them against the floor, against each other, likes to eat them, entertainment for hours minutes.

2. Baby Mum-Mum's Lucy goes crazy over these Rice biscuits! She loves that she can hold onto them herself and feed herself while everyone else is eating. (She will not let you eat food/snack without her eating too.)

3. First Years Key Teether.  They jingle, you can throw them, and there are lots of colors to taste. Plus she feels very grown up with her own set of keys. Nuff' said.

4. Baby starters ballerina lovey.  We had to employ some tough love in the sleeping department after we passed over 6 months. We went to our 6 month appointment and the doctor said she did not need to be waking (1-2-3 times) to eat anymore at night. She was crying in the middle of the night because that is how we taught her to go back to sleep (milk=sleep). So we started putting this lovey in the crib with her, about 10 pacis, and we worked on some self soothing {we chose the Ferber method}. Now she is a great sleeper at night-and our world has changed. She wakes up happy and rested and likes to shake her lovey all around the crib to hear it rattle and also likes to eat her. It's adorbs.

5. Puffs. She loves munching on Puffs while she waits for mom to heat up her baby food. I have found that they also make grocery store trips fun and not fussy as long as we don't forget the puffs! She is even practicing picking up the little pieces and feeding herself.

6. Leap Frog Activity Table. Last weekend, Lucy discovered that she can stand up by herself! Yikes! She went from crawling/scooting at 6 months, crawling at 6.5 months, and standing up by 7 months. Oh Lord, are we in for it! It's exciting and scary all at the same time. She falls and slips now as she tries daredevil maneuvers to go from standing to sitting to crawling to standing again. So I wanted to make sure she had a couple of toys that encouraged safe standing. At daycare, I usually find her standing at this table with a huge smile on her face and decided she needed her very own at home. We actually got this one from a consignment store (make sure you look there-they had 5 when I went to go find one!)

We can't imagine what 8 months will bring!