Wednesday, March 27, 2013

6 months..and favorites

Can you believe it! Six months already. Half a year.

It's been amazing, and it goes so fast. As we age as adults, our lives speed up, but its hard to quantify until you have a child, and you literally watch them age before your eyes. I'm trying to enjoy every second I can with my little dumpling before she becomes too independent for her mama.

*Rolling all around the room to get a toy/mom/dog/cat that she wants to play with.
*Sitting up unassisted
*Pushing up on front arms, and scooting backwards. {Arms are ready to crawl, knees havent figured it out yet}!

It's amazing the amount of pride you can feel when your little baby does new "tricks"!

Here are the things we couldn't have lived without up to 6 months:

1. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe teether. We've had this teether since day one, and cute as it is, she didn't care one bit about it. Until now! She loves to bite Sophies head and "give her kisses" on her nose and whack the giraffe against the floor to hear it squeak. Adorableness.

2. Bounce Baby Activity Center. We keep this near our kitchen so when I'm cooking I can plop her in it, talk to her, and keep her away from cooking splatters. So far she is excited to stand in it and bite everything on it, the monkey, the lion and the leaf are her favs.

3. Boon Squirt Spoon.  Awesome travel spoon for a baby who is eating solids! You put the baby food in the handle and squirt it into the spoon. We were using this one morning out at breakfast and a man at another table commented how genius it was. 

4. Jeep Umbrella Stroller.  Little miss chunky is getting too heavy to be in the sling all the time. I snagged this jeep umbrella stroller at my favorite consignment store in N.Raleigh, Uptown Kids, for $15 and its perfect. Lightweight, folds easily, and is normal 5'6" person height (another one I bought must have been for short people), and Lucy loves to look out at the world in it.

5. Ocean Wonders Seahorse Rattle.  This little thing is one of her favorites. She shakes it around like a little tambourine and gives the seahorse kisses. Its precious, really.

6. Jenny Jump Up. She has recently started getting bored with rolling around on the floor all the time and likes the change of scenery of standing, so we put her in the Jenny Jump up, and while she doesn't quite jump yet, she does twirl and look around and is usually all smiles while shes in it.

6 month bloopers reel {because shes adorable even when shes coughing or throwing a temper tantrum}: