Saturday, January 26, 2013

4 month favorites

My little dumpling is 4 months old! I can't believe how fast she is growing!

*Rolling over...both ways
*Eating food-which is so incredibly fun! She has had oatmeal and green beans so far.
*Squealing and jibber jabbering all the time.
*Holding her head up

Here are our favorites we couldn't have lived without this month!

Carseat Playbar: My sis over at Are We Really Doing This gave Lucy this for Christmas. She loves it! She used to fuss a little when we put her in her carseat, now every day she gets excited when she sees the toybar and plays with it right away. She has played herself to sleep in her carseat on multiple occasions. This also fits on a stroller and I've finagled it on a thick blanket for her to lay on too. Thanks sis!

Elephant Humidifier: Lucy has had 3 colds since she started daycare. {And she hasn't even been there a month yet.} We love this humidifier! It is a cold mist humidifier (we tried the warm vapor humidifiers and it turned Lucy's room into the Caribbean), and its amazingly adorable when the cool vapor shoots out of the elephants snout.

Sassy Rings: These are $6 rings that we have put to good use this month. Lucy has discovered her hands can go in her mouth and she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. We hand her these rings and she twists and twirls them around in her hands and likes to bite each and every one.

Oatmeal: Lucy tried oatmeal last week! She ate it like she knew how to do it all along. We got oatmeal instead of rice or rice cereal because apparently arsenic has been found in rice cereal lately-um...yikes! {Plus I love oatmeal, so I just knew Lucy would.}

Boon Drying Rack: We have actually been using this for months, I have just forgotten to rave about its awesomeness. We use it for bottles, pump parts, passys, everything. It's cute enough to leave out on the counter and great enough to use every day!

Halo Sleep Sack: Lucy decided it was time to transition out of her swaddle this month. As in, she busted out of each and every swaddle we put her in. Our advice for transitioning out of the swaddle? Brace yourself for sleepless nights.  Ok so there might be a couple of sleepless nights, but we really just  swaddled one arm for a week and then put her in the sleep sack thanks to a tip from a friend and it did the trick. Now she sleeps unswaddled and rolls all over the place.

High Chair: We got Lucy's highchair for christmas and it has come in handy this month! I put her in there while I'm cooking or getting her bottles ready for daycare, and now that she is getting food, she needs it even more. (We also use the bumbo for feeding).

Nipples: So this was news to me. You have to switch out the nipples on your bottles as your child grows! Ha-who knew. Well Lucy is still EBF (exclusively breast fed) and after she started making me sore again and I was having flashbacks to when she was first learning how to feed, I began to wonder if she had outgrown her nipples on her bottles. The answer was yes. I came home from Babies R Us with these 3month medium flow nipples and announced to my husband "So I got new nipples today" and he went on to ask me what was wrong with the nipples I have. The moral of the story--at 3 months move your little one up, your feeding sessions will be much happier if you do.