Friday, February 8, 2013

stork stack:february

This sweet package showed up on my doorstep last week.

Last week, as in, the same week I managed to dump a cup of hot tea on my MacBook keyboard. The macbook that I blog with. The macbook that I save all my sweet baby's pictures on. It's a sad, sad story that ends in the Apple store charging $750 for repairs. Ouch.

Ok lets not talk about it anymore. I'm traumatized. I am also so excited to tell you about all of the amazing things that showed up in this month's Stork Stack.

Little Duck Organics: Yummy organic, no-sugar-added banana snacks! Can't wait to try these in a couple of months.

Peek-a-Boo Panda: The cuuutest little panda who plays peekaboo with baby.

Flat Elephant-Under the Nile: Toy stuffed with organic cotton so there is no fluff to inhale. And he's striped. And cute. And get a look at that knotty tail.

BabyLegs:  I love leggings. They are the funnest (yeah I just made up a word) little accessory for chubby little babythighs. (madeupword#2.) And these are in animal print. Lurve. (#3).

EBoost: vitamin-infused dietary supplement that provides energy, recovery, focus, and supports the immune system. Natural energy from green tea and green coffee and the suggested daily allowance of essential viatmins and minerals. No sugar, no artificial flavors and only 10 calories! Very interested to try these little guys-especially when a cold is creepin in.

Thanks Jamie for another sweet box on my doorstep!