Friday, September 2, 2011

Hummus Dolloped Cucumbers

I like the word "dollop". It makes a sound in your head like "plop" when you say it. It also reminds me of the Daisy sour cream commercial..."it starts with a spoon and a dollop, a dollop, a dollop, of Daisy."

So, anywho, moving along to what is soon to be your new favorite party hors d'oeuvre (or appetizer for all you non-fancy folks.)

I found this recipe idea on my new favorite Tasty Kitchen website from blogger The Realistic Nutritionist: Avacado Hummus Cucumber Bites.

And I lurve hummus and cucumbers. I usually dip cucumbers into my hummus. And then I sing in my kitchen about how good it is. But what really got me excited about these is the fun and fancy way you display them.

I made these for a baby shower this week and decided rather than making my own hummus and adding avacado, I would take a short-cut. I am a lover of short-cuts when it comes to food.

Short-cuts make me think of my little sis. And this one time when we were in highschool me and we decided to race back to our beach house. And she took a short-cut to beat me. And then I yelled "SHORTCUTS MAKE YOU FAT". And she stopped and looked at me and laughed. Well this shortcut doesn't.(Make you fat). It makes you skinny and happy.

Hummus Dolloped Cucumbers:

Take 1 cucumber, and peel it. (I like to only remove some of the peeling for an added crunch and dramatic effect.)

Take your favorite hummus- these are my 2 fav brands: Sabre and Harris Teeter (yes, its new and tasty!) I love these because both brands put these yummy little treasures in the middle of their hummus:

For these cucumbers (as you can see by the empty container), I used the HT version with pine nuts. I scooped a little dollop of plain hummus from the outside of the container on a spoon and slid it onto the cucumber with my (clean) finger. Then I picked up a little treasure pine nut and seasoning from the middle of the container and placed it on top of the hummus dollop to make it fancy.

These were a huge hit at the shower. Everyone wanted to know what they were and what was on top of the cucumber and commented on how pretty they were. It really does change the flavor some how. I think its in the "dollop-ing". It somehow makes the hummus become a fluffy poof of chick-pea heaven in the middle of your cucumber bite.

I highly reccomend making these for your next shindig.