Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nora 0-3 month favorites

I loved sharing my favorites with y'all the last time around, so here we go again:

one: k'tan. So helpful in the early days to give attention to a 2 year old and to still have arms available. I also used it the other day to carry a sleepy baby around the grocery store while pushing a cart full of groceries and a 2 year old in it. (And nobody cried. K'tan FTW.)

two: Boogie Wipes. Nora has had a clogged tear duct since she was born. I followed the recommended "warm wash cloth" for the first 200 or so swipes and then decided these would be a much easier solution. Great for eye "goopies" as we call them in our house.

three: stroller hook. I stole this one from a friend of mine after watching her grocery shop with her baby and a stroller and some reusable bags. It's perfect for hanging your bags to fill with groceries, OR a very clever way to make your toddler stay with the stroller, by holding on the handle. Lucy loves it!

four: Covered Goods Nursing Cover. I am in l-o-v-e with this nursing cover. It goes around you 360 degrees, which I find useful when nursing a baby while chasing a toddler at the park (no side boob flashes to other park goers.) It's lightweight and soft, and gorgeous. Can also be used to cover the carseat, as a grocery cart cover or a scarf. I actually left mine at the beach last weekend and nearly cried because I love it so.

five: Honest sunscreen. So I know the whole "Don't put sunscreen on your baby till they are 6 mo old" shpeal. But let's talk about real life with a toddler. Summer= pool + beach + park + everything outside. So after testing this completely organic and happy sunscreen on Nora's wrist and finding no reaction, I use it when necessary on all the things I cant cover up with clothes or a hat. Because sunscreen beats sunburn every day in my book. {Also, Costco has a 2-pack right now!}

So, there you have it!

What have your favorites been in 0-3 months with your first/second/third baby? I'd love to hear! (And possibly steal some more ideas.)