Thursday, November 29, 2012

Month 2 Favorites

Lucy is 2 months old! We can't believe it's already been 2 months. The time really does start to fly by as Lucy gets more squirmy, smiley, and has begun sleeping longer stretches through the night. 

Here are our 2 month favorites that we couldn't have lived without over the past month!

1. Bamboobies: super soft washable nursing pads. These are awesome leak proof nursing pads that stay soft against your skin. Bonus ** if you leave one lying around while nursing you will be less embarrassed by bystandars because they are cute little heart shaped pieces of fabric and not weird circle maxi pad looking things (like disposable nursing pads). My sister has renamed these "hooter hearts."

2. Passy's. As I mentioned in my original post, Lucy wasn't interested in passy's the first month. We kept "plugging" away {har har} and finally found her favorite from the Dollar Tree. She now has a new favorite: MAM Pacifiers. These seem to stay in her mouth better while she's taking her naps than the Dollar Tree passy's do. My advice, try them all until you find the one your baby likes! They are a lifesaver in stores, car rides, during immunizations, and general times of fussiness.

3. Play Gym. This is what we spend most of our awake time during the day on. (And by we I mean Lucy.) She loves to swat at the little dangly toys that play music, and there is a mirror and lots of colors for her to look at when she is on her tummy for tummy time!

4. Undercover Mama Nursing Tank.  This tank top clips onto your nursing bra and can be worn under any normal shirts to create a nursing shirt! Let's be honest, nursing tops are frumpy. And terrible. This tank top turns most of your clothes into nursing clothes without your belly getting exposed while nursing in public! (Any stretchy tank top will work too, you just have to be willing to stretch it out and may not be able to wear it again in your post-nursing future.)

5. Costco Kirkland Diapers. My sis-in-law swears by these diapers. And at $31.99 for 216 diapers at Costco {that's $0.15 each} the price is awesome. Plus they come in bulk, because lets be honest, you go through a ridiculous quantity of diapers every week. They work just as well as Huggies or Pampers, and even have the little yellow line that turns blue when they pee for itty bittys.

6. Nursing cover. Cute and awesome for nursing little ones while you are out and about.

7. Passy clip. This was a sweet gift from one of my husbands cousins and it is absolutely adorable. It's personalized and great for traveling and getting out and about with baby. It forever answers the question, "where's her passy?"

8. Swing. I've heard some babies don't like these. But for us, it is a registry must! When Lucy starts to get sleepy and wants us to snuggle/rock/cuddle her and we are cooking or cleaning or trying to be hands-free, we plunk her in the swing and she loves it. She coos and talks to the little birdies in the mobile as they dance around above her head and we use it just about every day. She's only fallen asleep in it about 2 times; however, I have friends who used it exclusively for getting their little one to sleep.

9. Video Monitor. We are just now trying to get little Lucy to take naps in her crib, so that we can eventually get her to sleep in her crib through the night as well. This monitor is awesome because it has a video with night vision where you can keep an eye and ear on baby while she sleeps. You can also spy on your husband when he is up giving a diaper change too, because the controls are on the handheld device. This pose shown in the monitor above is what we call "Roller Coaster Ride." She makes the most awesome poses with her arms while sleeping-and we love being able to catch them on the monitor.

What items could you not live without at two months with your little one?

"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever." Psalm 136:1