Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful for...


Everyone told me that you can try every passy on the market and your baby will end up picking the one they like.

Well, we were beginning to think Lucy was just NOT a passy kind of gal. Every one we tried she scrunched up her face and spit out or gagged on.

We were okay with life without a passy because that meant we wouldn't have to break her of it in the future. But, passys come in handy when driving or shopping and when you have a fussy baby who is having trouble settling down for her nap. So we kept trying...

Then, I remembered a passy we had in this adorable corsage my aunt made me for my baby shower, full of baby socks and a passy and ribbon. (Seriously adorable-my friends suggested she sell them.)

And lo and behold...its her absolute favorite. When I asked where it was from so I could grab some more, my mom told me it was from the dollar store.

So at 2/$1 little Lucy is in love with her fashionable but thrifty binkys.

And she feels glad. And thankful.