Monday, October 7, 2013

twelve months!!

It sounds so cliche to say that I can't believe my sweet Lucy Mae is now one. One year of a wonderful adventure I feel blessed to take a part in. One year of sleepless nights and sleep training, breastfeeding to learning to eat, teething, and learning how to roll, crawl and walk. 

And I find myself wishing time would slow down just a bit. 

Because I see right before my eyes a toddler where my baby once was. 

Sweet baby girl, you are so smart and excited about this world around you. You are running and trying to talk, and love to help mom and dad do everything. You love hair bows and animals and love to play outside and to wash your hands.

My sweet sis made the beautiful smash cake.

Which was almost too pretty to smash. (almost.)


This was the best picture of the three of us we got. I love that she is blowing for the candles...but in the wrong direction!


Happy Birthday sweet baby! 

 As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.