Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guac Trio

I have a really fun idea for you for the 4th of July.

Take your favorite Guacamole recipe (such as this one) and make a guacamole tasting trio for your Independence Day celebration!

How To:
Before salting your Guac, separate your Guac into 3rds.
1) Leave one Guac au natural.
2) To the second, add crispy bacon, diced into small chunks. (You will not need to salt this one).
3) To the third, add grilled sweet corn.

Then, salt your corn Guac and plain Guac to your liking.

The bacon gives your Guacamole a nice, salty and crunchy surprise. (I mean, who doesn't love bacon??) The corn gives the Guacamole a nice sweet crunch.

Your friends may be torn about which one is their favorite, but they won't be disappointed.

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  1. Love the little baby feet that were captured in the picture!! :) can't wait to see the baby that goes with those feet tomorrow!


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