Thursday, June 27, 2013

9 months and favorites

9 months in...

And 9 months out! 

What an incredible 9 months it has been! When you are pregnant, you think nothing could top the feeling, until the day you meet your sweet baby. 

At 9 months, you are amazing us every day! You are attempting to baby sign (and making up your own signs along the way), you are working on your two top teeth (teething is the pits,) you stand and balance on your own and are thinking about being an early walker (slowwww down!) 

You understand what "no" means, but you don't like to hear it, and you say "uh-oh", mama, dada and baba all day long. It is music to our ears!

You also love to stick your tounge out and blow raspberries in response to all of our questions. Quite the little clown already!

Our favorites this month: 

1. Silicone Bib: A must for babies eating finger food. Lucy loves to peek down into her bib pocket and pick up food that didn't make it in her mouth.

2.Sassy Sensation High Chair Toy: For entertaining your little one while you are cooking, trying to open their jars of baby food, microwaving food, etc. (Gets crazy dirty but goes in the dishwasher great!)

3. Leapfrog Animal Fridge Toy: My sister gave me this toy and Lucy is in love. She dances to Farmer Ted's songs, tries to take the animals out, and me and my husband like to make weird animal combos to hear the "That's Silly" song. Fun for all ages.

4. Nosefrida: This thing looks absolutely gross and crazy. It's basically like siphoning the snot out of your little one's nose. But it is simply amazing. And really easy to clean. I'm afriad to see what the middle of my nasal aspirator we have been using looks like. With the NoseFrida, you can make sure you get every lick of snot out of the tube when cleaning it. I wish we had introduced this to Lucy early on because she hates having her nose touched or sucked out with any apparatus, but she does think I look funny with the hose in my mouth.

What are your 9 month favs?