Friday, May 24, 2013

Splashing About

With the temperatures jumping into the 80s this week, it was finally time to break out Lucy's first swimsuit! 

She will be spending her first Memorial Day at the beach this weekend, and we decided to have a little pool party to get the festivities started in the backyard. 

(Agh I can't take the cuteness! )

Let me tell you, getting a squirmy, wiggly baby tush into a pull-on swim diaper and bathing suit is a joke. 

And then you have to get sunscreen on said wriggly squirmy trying-to-flip-off-the-couch-baby. 

And then there was the pool water. Should I use cold-straight from the garden hose? Or do I haul buckets of warm sink water in while carrying an almost 8-month old under my arm. 

I opted for the garden hose, but I think it was a wee bit chilly for her. She loved it nonetheless! (This child is pure water baby!)

How do you do it? How do you suit up/sunscreen/hat your baby to get beach or pool ready without surrendering to all the squirming?

And the water? What sort of water are you supposed to put in a baby pool...