Thursday, May 30, 2013

eight months & favorites

What a fun age 8 months old is! You are walking around with help, pulling up on everything (and have thankfully learned how to lower yourself down), are learning how to give kisses, say Ba-Ba, and have two bottom teeth!

We took you to the beach, and at first, you wanted nothing to do with the sand. Until you realized you could eat it! (And try to sneak the little seashells in your mouth before mom could catch you.) You're still not so sure about the ocean, but we will get there by the end of the summer!

Your absolute favorites this month have been:

1. Playschool Walker. We just learned to pull ourselves up and walk around with our little walker unassisted. I got our walker from a consignment shop for $8. They had 7 to choose from! This one pops into a riding toy also. 

2. Tadpoles Playmat Set. We were using a blanket in the living room where we have hard floors for Lucy to play on. It was finally time to get something baby-friendly that she wouldn't slip on now that she is pulling up and standing to play. This Tadpole mat is super cute and matches our decor! 

3. Target Up & Up Formula.  Formula is expensive, y'all! So we tested out the Target brand on Lucy and she loves it. The price is great, baby loves it, we are sold and saving moolah. (Doctor approved too!)

4. Baby Einstein Mirror Me Book.  Lucy's favorite little book right now. It has a mirror on the right where mom/baby act out what the Baby Einstein characters are doing (stick out tongue, puff up cheeks, smile, etc. ) It makes her giggle and smile even when she's being the crankiest of crankpots.)

5. Mandarin Oranges. Her absolute favorite food! They are squishy, she can pick them up easily and eat big bites. She goes crazy when we put them out on her tray during meals. 

6. Dolphin Baby Pool. A great way to beat the heat and splash about this summer! 

What are or were your favorite toys for babies at this age?