Saturday, May 12, 2012


Thursday was my momma's birthday!

And she requested her birthday cake to be a trifle.

At first, I freaked at the thought of making something as complicated as a trifle.

Also, did this count as baking? Because we all know I can't bake. Extra freak.

But then, she quickly assured me it was like a parfait but layered with cake instead of granola.

I can do this. I can make parfaits.

And it was. Easy as  pie  parfait.

With a lemony simple syrup, fresh peaches from MacBee, SC, strawberries, and a fluffy and delicious cream cheese whipped cream. 

All of those delightful layers meet nicely together in your mouth and dance down the top of a hill whilst singing, [cue Julie Andrews]. 

I urge you to make this Fresh Berry Trifle for your momma on Mother's Day. Thank you mayasmom for a delicious recipe!

And thank you to my mom, who always shares her birthday week with mother's day. I am so thankful for her joyful spirit, her dreams for me, which were always bigger than my own, and her sweet goodness. 

And-her love for foo-foo gifts like frilly shower caps!!

I hope that I can be as good of a mom to our little bean as she has always been to me! Happy Mother's Day momma!