Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rainbow muffins

Lucy is recently fascinated with all things rainbow. We color rainbows with sidewalk chalk, markers, you name it, it becomes a rainbow. 

So one day this week when making her some pre-mixed muffins, we decided to rainbow them up.

She loves to help me bake. {Sorry dear, mom is not the greatest baker.} But I sure can mix milk into apple cinnamon muffin mix.

After mixing our muffins up, I let Lucy drop different color drops into each muffin cup. She got to pick the colors we were making, and then mix them up with a straw. (Toothpicks would work too!)

Then we followed the directions on the package for baking them.

It may be blurry but I managed to catch her reaction when I pulled them out of the oven. 

Just a teeny bit "cited".

The hardest part of the whole process? Trying to convince a 2.5 year old that she couldn't eat ALL of the muffins we made right now.