Monday, June 1, 2015

Nora 2 months

This sweet girl is 2 months old! 

I was much more timely with Lucy's monthly posts, and I attribute that
to staying home on maternity leave longer with Lucy and only having one baby to raise... give me grace y'all. #secondchildproblems. 

Nora loves going for walks, being cuddled, and staring/talking whale to her baby sister. 

Doesn't like: laying on her tummy (she for real just lays there and then cries), being in a room by herself (must have an audience present), or being awake/fed/put to sleep during the hours of 7-8pm. 

She is so easy going and happy most days and we just adore her! 

People say often how much her and Lucy look alike. (Their personalities are already so different!) 

Here is a side by side pic of her and Lucy both at 2 months old:

We are getting closer to sleeping through the night, which makes for a happy baby and momma...we can't wait to see what the next month brings! 

"Lucy, open your eyes so I can get a picture..." Nope.