Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Halloween with a 2 year old is amazing. 

On the days leading up to Halloween, I was busy making Lucy's ladybug costume and busy being worried that on the day of, she would flat out tell me "no" that she did not want to wear the costume that mommy put hours of work into.

So, I hyped up Halloween like crazy, talking about what a cool ladybug she would be, with a sparkly tutu and how she would go around to all the neighbors houses who would then give her candy. 

She was stoked. So stoked, in fact that on Halloween I told her she would get to go trick-or-treating after naptime. So during "naptime" she jumped around her crib and did flips and kept asking to "go trick-or-treat". She played like that for an hour and 45 minutes until she konked out and fell asleep.

Praise. the. Lord. (I kept picturing us taking her trick-or-treating sans-nap while she cried/hated it/wanted to go night-night.) 

Our neighborhood had a big potluck in the cul-de-sac, so we filled our bellies up before taking the hike for candy. 

She got the hang of the whole ringing the doorbell thing fast, and was even generous enough to give some candy back to people when they came to greet her. 

It got too dark for pictures, but we ended up toting 3 2-year olds around in a wagon to go door-to-door. A few lollipops and m&m's to keep them awake, and they were squealing and giggling and laughing all around the neighborhood. 

One of the most amazing things about having a child, is witnessing the joy of the Holidays through their eyes. It's a billion times better than enjoying it yourself. 

Plus, you can share costumes if you end up going to a last minute Halloween party...

I am super excited that Christmas is only 1 short month away, so we can see what she thinks of Christmas!

How was your Halloween?