Friday, August 16, 2013

10 months and favorites

Ok ok I'm back.

Life has been crazy lately! We a) put our house on the market and b) I started a new job. Which so far has left zero time for blogging.

But I didn't forget about you! Pinky promise.

In the meantime, someone in this house turned 10 months old. Can you believe it?? Just 2 months until this little pickle turns a year old.

This baby girl is WALKING. Yep. Mercy. 

A walking 10 month old means I'm getting plenty of exercise myself chasing her around, keeping her from touching the electrical outlets, the fireplace, and every other non-child friendly thing in our home. She is loving the freedom and her new view, and is a very curious little tornado now (who leaves a path of destruction in her wake.) 

We are loving every minute chasing this toddling dumpling around. 

Her favorite word is Papa, favorite food is blueberries, (she gets giddy when I pull the carton of blueberries out) and she has 4 teeth!

We have also been working on baby sign, and on a good day, she signs "water", "all done", "food" and "milk". {Sometimes she throws in a made up sign to confuse us.}

I'll probably say this forever, but this is my favorite age!

1. Safety1st child locks: Since we are selling our house, these non-permanent locks are perfect for keeping little hands out of dangerous cabinets. Now if mom and dad could just figure out how to use them...

2. Neat Solutions Biodegradable Table Topper Disposable Stick on Placemat: These are awesome for throwing in the diaper bag and taking along when we go out to eat. They stick onto the table and you can throw baby's food on the placemat without worrying about the germs the last people at your table left behind.

3. Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Magnetic Cookie Puzzle:   My in-laws got this as a hand-me-down gift from some friends, and Lucy quickly claimed it as her own. It's a great little shape sorter, sings songs about cookies, and the little cookies are magnets and stick to each other so baby can carry them around the house.

4. Arbonne ABC Baby Wash: Pure, Safe and Beneficial is Arbonne's motto, and they stick to it. This baby wash is free of animal bi-product which I do not want to be slathering all over baby skin. It makes Lucy's hair silky and leaves her skin super soft.

5. Vtech MyFirst Laptop: Lucy likes to watch us typing away at the computer and tries to mimic us by smashing her hands down on the keyboard over and over again. {Probably not so good for our MacBook.} I found this Laptop at a consignment shop for $7, and its the perfect toy to give her when she is in the "smashing keys" mood, because it actually sings songs and makes noises when she smashes them. Score!

What does your 10 month old love to play with? Do you hunt consignment shops for baby toys?