Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday...In Moderation

 “Everything is permissible’---but not everything is beneficial” 1 Corinthians 10:23
So I am “eating up” (pun intended) Lysa Terkeurst’s book Made to Crave , and the awesome challenges she has within to really focus on what we are Craving in our lives.
Why do we crave things? Well I know when I see something I crave, it fills me with warmth and happiness, much like this picture my friend sent me today from her honeymoon:

Granted I know this mystical magical Caribbean feeling I get is not from the Lord, but more similar to the beautiful lies of the serpent in the garden. But if you could just imagine yourself in this place, right now, you would know how I feel when I see a gorgeous pair of shoes, or something fabulous on the shelves at Target, or an entire bowl of Rotel dip in my house. Now, these things are not bad—and as the 1 Corinthians verse points out they are all permissible, but not always beneficial.
So—I am working on moderation. Instead of eating an entire bowl of Rotel, I will recite this verse in my head and have a few bites. Instead of going shopping every week, I will limit myself to once or twice a month..ok maybe 3 times (: I want to crave Him, the only one who can satisfy forever, instead of the fleeting joy provided by momentary Caribbean feelings.
So, this might seem counter intuitive, but as I said I am working on moderation. I will rejoice over my moderate shopping scores!! My shopping indulgence this month has been from my ever favorite (thank you Kim Kardashian for your equal obsession of shoes and disinterest in paying high prices.)
This fabulous red pump also supports the American Heart Association’s American Heart Month for the low, low price of $39.99.

So I will rejoice over my fabulous new shoes-but Lord, I DO promise not to crave them more than you!