Monday, December 10, 2012

10 on 10: December

I stumbled across a fun little project. It's called 10 on 10 over at a Little bit of Sunshine.  You take 10 photos (1 every hour) on the tenth of each month.

A little snapshot into my day. Happy 10th everyone!

Good morning!

Lucy's fist ornament

Kicking and a punchin.

Tummy time!

waking up from a nap

dog naps.

The little bean burrito.

Lucy's first stocking and my favorite stocking hangar!

cuddles (probably after a nap).

 supper time.

Its amazing how much of my day has that cute little lady in it. And as soon as next week, my day is going to be so different because I'm headed back to work. Oh how I'll miss that little bean burrito.


  1. It´s amazing how they fullfil our days, isn´t it? What a precious little lady you have!

    Lovely set! Great pictures!!!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (participating from Brazil!!!)

    PS: loooooove the burrito girl! LoL!

  2. What a pretty little lady! (I also have picture frame stocking holders for my kiddos - love that idea. I put a picture of them from their first Christmas in the frames.)

    1. Thanks Tricia! I was thinking of changing the picture every year but I love your idea of keeping the first Christmas picture in there!

  3. Hey! I really hate to ask this silly question in the comments section of one of your blog posts, but I cannot figure out how to email you. Anyways, how do you get multiple pages/tabs for your blog? Like at the top of the page of your blog you have McWonderful Life, About, McWonderful Recipes, etc. I would like to add an about page and categorize some of my posts, but I cannot figure out how to do this. I tried creating a "new page" and I posted a test and it didnt work. HELP!
    I really appreciate it!!!

    1. Hi Melody, no problem! I hope I can remember how I did it. I believe if you go to Design, using the new Blogger interface there are choices along the left hand side. Click "Pages">"Add a New Page" > "Blank Page."

      Here is a link that may have more detail:

      Hope that helps!


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